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Thai massages

In Thailand massage is a basic and most frequent method of treatment that has been used for centuries. All Thai massages are therapeutic because they stimulate our acupressure points and relieve all types of pain.

The foundation of Thai massage is the treatment of main invisible energy lines or meridians, through which life energy flows. By pressing, stretching and bending we revive the functioning of the whole body, primarily we relax the tired muscles and awake the sleeping ones. Because traditional Thai massage works in deeper areas than the classical massage, it is also called massage for long life or vitality massage.

A lot of aromatic oils and hot herbs are used in Thai massage. Oils used in the massage are essences of plants or flowers help us to regulate events in the body and relax mind and spirit. Each oil has a different effect, scent and sometimes colour.

Chocolate massage with cocoa butter is unique for Thai massage. It can be used self dependently for massage or as a compress. Chocolate indulgence in Thai massage is helpful in treating dry skin, against stretch marks for pregnant women and flaky hard skin. You can experience charms of Thai massage with oriental touch in most Slovenian natural health resorts.

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