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Japanese massages

Western medicine has been turning to oriental medical treatments for centuries. It also uses numerous oriental massages. one of those relaxing and healing massages is Japanese massage that improves body’s energy flow.

Japanese massages regulate the hormonal system, circulation of blood and lymph fluids. They help execrate waste, reduce muscle tension and bring a sense of deep relaxation. They successfully act as a general fortifier and enhance the ability of self-healing.

There are several types of Japanese massages. One of the most famous is shiatsu massage that has developed as a combination of acupuncture, folk medicine and the art of touch. Reiki is recognized as one of the more successful Japanese massages. It is a method of natural healing and self-healing that uses a technique called palm healing.

The idea of this ancient Japanese massage is that universal life energy circulates in every living creature. With the help of that energy we can heal body, mind and spirit. The effects of reiki depend on the individual and vary according to season. Some feel instant relief while in others at the beginning of the treatment condition deteriorates and improvement occurs only after a certain time.

One of the oldest forms of Japanese massage is anma. Its beginnings are reported to reach more than 5 000 years in the past. Anma is a massage that contributes to the sense of well-being. It used for relieve and prevent sport injuries, while at same time it complements chiropractic and balances mental condition.

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