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Massages from India

Well known massage of head and body from India falls in the range of oriental therapy. In the desire to achieve a highly coordinated mind and body, massages from India embrace the essence of ancient Indian philosophy – Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a well known and accepted massage from India. It is a full body massage used for relaxation, elimination of tension, fatigue, pain and stress.

Massages from India include travel outside corporal reality and liberation from stress as well as achieving a state of complete balance of body and mind. With the help of that massage we can achieve balance of the whole organism and normal flow of prana – meridian life energy.

Massages from India also offer vital point stimulation that is in some places accompanied by a mixture of various aromatic oils that consist of cardamom, bergamot, lavender, cedar, pepper extract and jojoba oil.

Head massage from India is based on ayuraveda treatment system that is used in India for more than a millennium. For Hindoos it ensures everyday relaxation and healing. It also has its place in rituals such as wedding and birth. It is deeply soothing and relaxing. After the therapy patients usually feel revitalized and can concentrate more easily.
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