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Chinese massages

More and more people see the benefits and efficiency of the Chinese massage. It is a massage therapy that has thousands of years of tradition. It is also offered in Slovenian natural health resorts. Chinese massages eliminate and relieve muscle, joint, back, neck and shoulder pain. Chinese massage with special grips is recommended for people who are exhausted by everyday stress or overload. Indeed, it allows natural and therefore efficient self-regeneration of the body.

Chinese massage is a preventive treatment that strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, helps the body to restore its flexibility and agility and contributes to a better overall sense of well-being. It is a useful form of relaxation and regeneration of the body. With Chinese massage we encourage the flow of chi energy that flows in meridians. Meridians are energy canals at the surface of the human body. We find acupressure points on meridians and through them, during massage, we reflexively influence energy situation in the body.

Chinese massage differs from the traditional massage primarily for its broader range of grips and techniques. It is recommended to all who want to experience perfect and long-term pampering in the environment with a Chinese overtone. Beneficial effect of the Chinese massage can be felt for a long time after the therapy. It is done with special aromatic oils on bare skin.
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