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Foot reflexology massage

Foot reflexology massage is a technique of several millennium old natural healing and complete body relaxation, blood flow improvement, endocrine system stimulation and activation or stabilization of organic functions.

Foot reflexology massage is an energy massage that is based on the knowledge that every part of the body responds to a precisely set point on our feet and that by pressing on those reflexive points we can relax and balance the body. Our feet reflect our connection to reality, the condition of our root chakra and our foundations.

As two-legged creatures we touch the earth energy with our feet and just like a tree through its roots, we exchange the energy through our feet. For the smooth flow of energy throughout the body, it is essential to have a god contact with the ground. We can stand “firmly” or we can be “swept away by a breeze”. Such phrasing expresses our instinctive understanding of the relationship between our feet and our self-confidence, trust and our grip on reality – ground that we walk on. Foot reflexology massage combines all that. It helps you to understand nature and your own body.