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Body wrapping

Various body wraps can also relieve fatigue and pain. They relax us and eliminate pain and stress. Body wrapping helps to balance physical and spiritual energy. It revives, cleanses and detoxifies.

One of the most common wrappings in natural health resorts is fango wrapping. Fango wrapping is based on warmed sea mud (up to 45° C) which we use to wrap the whole body or its individual parts. Fango cleans and revives the skin, reduces muscle tension and joint pains. Algae wrapping is also well known. The wrapping used in this therapy is heated at the same time that we are resting on a water bed. Algae revive the skin, increase its tone, draw toxins from the skin and accelerate blood circulation.

Black mud is also used in body wrapping. It is physiologically and biologically beneficial. It improves blood flow, absorbs impurities from the skin, softens and improves skin texture, relieves muscle tension and pain.