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You will find real luxury of good flavours in styrian cuisine. Styrians appreciate their wines and swear by them as well as all delicious specialties of styrian cuisine. Styrian food selection is vast – mushroom soup with buckwheat hard-boiled mush, tripe, styrian sour soup, frying sausages and homemade sausages with sour kraut, cottage cheese dumplings, apple pie and layered cake – all that is on the menus of numerous local pubs with long tradition. Also symbolic dishes of styrian cuisine are millet, barley and buckwheat porridges.

The real masterpiece of this gastronomic region is zgornjesavinska gizzard, dried meats from the best quality pork and bacon. You can experience a real harmony of red and white native wine sorts and local foods in tourist farms and wine-cellars that are located on the wine roads and are an excellent place to spice up your visit to Styria. There are more than enough culinary delights in these parts. Excellent wines from the surrounding wine-growing hills compliment them perfectly.
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