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Styria is an excellent starting point for various excursions because natural and cultural heritage are vast. Hikers and skiers can find their own paradise on Pohorje where hiking trails are situated right next to the ski slopes. On Pohorje settlements Lovrenc and Ribnica get a lot of visitors as well. True treasury of arts and socializing is Maribor with Lenta where traditional cultural, musical and tourist performances take place. The oldest vine in the world grows here.

Drava region is freely scattered with wine-growing hills. Several tourist wine-roads wind through that region. There admirers of good wines and specialities can taste excellent styrian recipes and vintage wines. Many hikers like to revisit Ptuj that is known as the oldest city in Slovenia. The most distinctive mark of the city is Ptuj castle. You really should not miss traditional kurentovanje festival in Ptuj. Not far away is the famous roman trail on Ptuj mountain.

Favoured hiking points are also moutains Konjiška gora, Paški Kozjak, Boč in Donačka gora. Rogatec with its open-air museum has developed at the foot of this mountain. A little lower in Obsotelje (Sutla valley) where several thermal springs also exist, many take advantage of the excursion to visit delicious chocolate factory in Olimje. Flower enthusiasts can go to Mozirski gaj where beautiful flower exhibition is held every year.
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