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Cultural heritage

Styria is a region with interesting history and rich cultural heritage. Visitors can attest to that in numerous museums, galleries and libraries. Styria is a real treasure chest of roman and gothic churches that are scattered over the hills.

At every turn visitor is met with natural pearls and cultural heritage. Even a short trip around Maribor reveals how our ancestors lived. There are quite a few churches and medieval buildings in styrian capital. Magnificent panoramic view of all Lent and banks of Drava will be spread before you.

A visit to Ptuj castle is a special experience as well. It was built in 12th century and later formed by renaissance and baroque. Today it houses a museum with a rich collection. Castle in Slovenska Bistrica and medieval castle in Celje are also worth a visit. Very early during the establishment of monasteries, in the early 12th century, in the vicinity of Slovenskih Konjic one of the most prestigious sacral buildings of its time was built. It is Žiče charthussian monastery that is slowly gaining its former glory.

In the middle of Šempeter in valley of Savinja another cultural heritage is hidden, roman necropolis, a well-known ancient gravestone monument from roman times. Castle Olimje in Obsotelje is well visited, it is transformed into a monastery with famous pharmacy, one of the oldest in Europe. Castle Mokrice is also one of the popular attractions. It is situated between Brežice and Croatian border.
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