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Cuisine in Primorska region is on the top of Slovenian cuisine and is with the wide range of tastes very diverse. Because of the influence of the Mediterranean local cuisine all the way to Tolminsko offer light and tasty food that will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Sea specialties, pasta in risotto with seafood, fish stew, stuffed dumplings from Idrija, karst smoked ham, jota, gnocchi with plum, dumplings (štruklji) and famous marble trout – that is only a part of local food from the rich selection of this area. To the typical costal dishes locals like to add spices, pine nuts, dates, figs and walnuts.

The region is distinguished by excellent costal and karst white and red wines that further enrich the culinary specialties. All this will be offered to you on tourist farms and osmice (eight days of wine, food and fun in the Karst region) that are scattered along the wine roads from Kras, Goriška Brda to the coast.
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