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Proposals for trips in Primorska region are countless. One of the wonderful starting points is the coast where a few pieces of intact nature are preserved. One of the most interesting and mysterious places along our sea are saline in Sočevlje along the river Dragonja close to the border with Croatia. Here saline museum was built. Nature park, home to the protected birds, is also a popular tourist spot.

You can also visit numerous wine cellars and osmice that are characteristic for that part of Primorska region. There an authentic tasting of renowned costal wines will be prepared for you. You can continue your trip to Piran where maritime museum and aquarium are settled. You will be fascinated by Vipavska valley with castles and Ajdovščina where roman fort is still well preserved. Also popular tourist destination is Bridge on Soča , clustered settlement above the confluence of rivers Soča and Idrijca where greek ritual cup from the 5th century B. C. was dug out. Ride on a steam train on Bohinjska rail through the longest railway tunnel in Slovenia makes a memorable experience.
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