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Cultural heritage

Primorska is the land of castles and manors. Only in Vipavska valley you can visit a range of cultural attractions from ancient times and middle ages. Here they even have an Egyptian sarcophagus saved. Admirers of historical features will come to their own in Ajdovčina as well. Here they have well preserved fortresses and finds from roman time.

In the desire to revive former pilgrimages that were more often in the past, in recent years in our country pilgrimage routes were revived. Among the God’s paths is Sveta Gora pri Gorici that is visited even by Friulian and Italian pilgrims. Koper also hides a lot of cultural attractions. Old town nucleus is filled with narrow streets, squares, churches and amazing palaces. A part of the medieval wall is preserved and former main gates of the city. One of the city’s attractions is a baroque fountain.

Inside of the Slovenian Istria another real cultural pearl can be found – famous roman church of the Holy Trinity in Hrastovljah from the 12th century. It is surrounded by stone wall because once, during the Turkish invasions, a fortress was built here. It is most known for its famous fresco Macabre dance. Among the most sacred objects in Karst is Predjama castle near Postojna cave that hides the legend of the knight Erasmus.
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