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Outings on the heritage trails of Dolenjska, Posavje and Bela krajina are a special experience. Your first stop could easily be karst spring of river Krka that surprises the inquisitive persons with its vivacity and unpredictable karst character. In the cave near the spring unique Proteus resides that is known in Slovenian karst caves.

You can organize an interesting outing to the 13th century castle on Žumberak and then continue on your way through the valley of the river Krka past Dvor where Ausperger iron foundry once functioned. River Krka with its current from Novo Mesto leads to castle Otočec, the only Slovenian castle on water, built on the island in the middle of a river. Castle is altered to an hotel that still holds touches of old times and is a starting point for scenic walking routes.

Dolenjska and Posavje are also suitable for outings on wine roads, cycling tours, rafting or kayaking on river rapids. You can truly enjoy in tasting of dolenjska specialties and indigenous dolenjska and belokranjska wines. Tourist know Dolenjska and Posavje best for their three health resorts Thermae Dolenjska, Thermae Šmarješka and Thermae Čatež.

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