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Cultural heritage

In Dolenjska everyone can find something fulfilling because the region is rich in natural and cultural attractions. First and foremost it is known for its rich archaeological heritage. That heritage confirms that these parts were inhabited in the distant past, as well as that they were important centres of their time.

Dolenjska museum in Novo mesto is proud of its rich archaeological and ethnological collection of European importance. The most prominent mark of the towns belvedere is the Capital Church and it the Tintoretto’s altar painting of St. Nicholas. The image of the old towns centre is completed with Franciscan monastery with church and Breg with distinctive houses on the stony cave over the river Krka.

Among the cultural heritage of the region is the castle Otočec from the 14th century. It is only a few kilometres away from Novo mesto. After the Second World War the castle was restored and converted into a five-star hotel. Under the slopes of Gorjanci a view on the picturesque mediaeval Cartusian monastery Pleterje. From the old monastery only a few buildings and the old gothic church with sacristy is preserved, they are open for visitors.

Among the cultural treasures and attractions are also infectious sights and amazing churches in Trebnje, Šentrupert and Šentjernej. A real cultural pearl is an idyllic medieval Kostanjevica on Krka that is famous for its Cistercian monastery. Todey it is transformed into a Božidar Jakec gallery. The monastery’s surroundings are adorned with masterpieces that are the products of sculpture symposiums Forma Viva.
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