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Halls at the Talaso Strunjan

Roam around the neighbourhood

The Strunjan regional park, Istrian characteristics and peculiarities, panoramic seaside field trips – Talaso Strunjan is an excellent starting point for short hikes or roaming for half a day or longer!

Part of the day reserved for planned activities. Afterwards, swimming in the pool or the sea. Walking across the trails of the regional park. Half-a-day field trips and sightseeing. Or maybe wine tasting?

Half-a-day adventure field trips

Make your Strunjan day interesting by roaming around Piran, a medieval Mediterranean town, which is like a large museum in itself. Apart from Strunjan, you can visit the Sečovlje Salina and their salt-making museum. Or decide to take a guided tour to Krkavče, one of the oldest villages in Istria and its oil factory. We will take you to Hrastovlje to see the Church of the Holy Trinity, famous for its 15th century fresco called "The Dance of Death", or to Kubed to see the remains of a medieval fort with a pentagonal bell tower. From Strunjan you can also take field trips to the karstic underground – the Postojna Cave, Škocjanske Caves, or to Lipica, famous for its white Lipizzaner horses.

Sea from another perspective

We can organise groups for panoramic field trips with a boat. From the sea you have a more impressive view on Strunjan cliff, the biggest cliff on the Adriatic coast.

Flavours of Istria

If you wish, we can arrange organised wine tasting for you and your company. Wine-bearing surroundings of Primorje are full of noble abundance!

Hiking trails of the regional park

The Strunjan area is full of natural and cultural curiosities, the large part of the area being preserved as a regional park. Neat trails for hiking lead to sights and connect Strunjan and Piran to Izola.

Talaso Strunjan
Strunjan 148
SI-6323 Strunjan
Nataša Mihajlović
Tel:  +386 7 39 42 514
 +386 41 662 432

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