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Halls at the Olimia Thermal Spa

The Primula 1+2 Halls

The Primula 1 and the Primula 2 Hall in the Sotelia Wellness Hotel can be joined together into a large and modernly equipped conference hall with a total of 350 seats.

The Erica and Angelika Halls

The Veronica Meeting Room is a separate hall with 20 seats and its own entrance from the Sotela Wellness Hotel's reception desk.

Sejna soba Veronica

Sejna soba Veronica je manjša samostojna dvorana z 20 sedeži in samostojnim vhodom iz recepcije Wellness hotela Sotelia.

The Green Hall at the Rosa Aparthotel

The Green Hall is a large and modernly equipped congress hall on the ground floor of the Rosa Aparthotel. In the pleasant surroundings of the hotel's grand hall and situated next to the Green Hall are the Lobi Bar and the reception desk, as well as a direct entrance from the underground garage. The ambient is complemented by a large outdoor terrace overlooking a fish pond.

The Beresta Hall at the Breza Hotel

The multi-purpose and contemporarily equipped venue at the Breza Hotel can host various kinds of meetings, as well as variations of frontal, group, tandem and individual work assignments. The venue is located on the first floor of the hotel with an entrance from a common hallway.

The White Meeting Room

The meeting room rounds off the complete selection of services which the Lipa Restaurant offers and that also includes the central eatery of the contemporary Lipa*** Apartment Settlement.

The Meeting Room at the Rosa Aparthotel.

The meeting room is situated near the Green Hall. Together they supplement the range of options for various kinds of individual meetings or the work of smaller independent groups.

Terme Olimia
Zdraviliška cesta 24
SI-3254 Podčetrtek
Alenka Brglez, Marketing Term Olimia
Tel:  +386 3 829 78 48

Set-ups and capacities

Number of participants for individual set-ups
  Venue name

Dvorana Primula 1

169   62 da 180 230 60
Dvorana Primula 2 127   58 da 120 170 50
Dvorana Primula 1+2 296   104 da 280 350 110
Dvorana Angelica 47,5   21 da 32 50 ne
Dvorana Erica 47,5   21 da 32 50 ne  
Dvorani Angelica + Erica 95   44 da 49 90 ne  
Sejna soba Veronika 32,6   15 ne ne 15 ne  
Zelena dvorana v Aparthotelu Rosa 193   60 ne ne 160 ne  
Dvorana Beresta v Hotelu Breza 127   35 ne ne 80 ne
Bela sejna soba v Gostišču Lipa 28 15 ne ne ne ne ne
Sejna soba v Aparthotelu Rosa 32 10 ne ne ne ne ne
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